About Me

I'm originally from... well, that's hard to say! I've lived in quite a few places, and not too long in any one of them. The list includes different parts of Israel, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, California, and Illinois. This is the result of both having parents whose work required moving and my journey in education as an adult. I guess if I have to pick one place as my favorite, though, I'll go with Colorado! 
I love to travel! I especially love the occasion to mix philosophy with travel, whether it takes the form of speaking at a conference or just traveling somewhere that has philosophical significance. 

But if I'm not doing philosophy or traveling (or both), then I'm probably hanging out with friends, watching/playing basketball, keeping up with movies, reading a non-philosophical book, or playing a game. Props if you can figure out which game my friends and I dressed as on Halloween in the pic below.

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